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skla MAGMA

Helo SKLA Magma for big, commercial saunas, which require durable, powerful and cost efficient heaters with rich steam and pleasant sauna atmosphere. Note ! SKLA 260 is controlled with the modern digital controls and SKLA 262 with traditional type control. SKLA 181 and 210 work with both alternatives. Control options for SKLA you find here . Both models take ca. 120 kgs of rocks which ensures good sauna bath.

Colour: Graphite. Size 700x895x520mm (hxwxd), check safety distances in the manual. Recommended amount of rocks 120kg.

Type Power (kW) Sauna size (m³)
181 18.0 kW 18.0-30.0 m³
210 21.0 kW 24.0-36.0m³
260 26.0 kW 30.0-46.0 m³
262 26.0 kW 30.0-46.0 m³