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Helo´s eight sided, floorstanding heater, Octa, brings outstanding design and superb preformance to larger saunas. Finished on all sides, the heater can be placed in the middle of a sauna, in a corner, or mid-wall.

Its rock capacity (ca. 60 kgs) provides soft heat, soft steam and extremely uniform temperatures. Control options for Octa. Colour: chrome. Size 700x560x560 mm (hxwxd), check safety distances in the manual. Recommended amount of rocks 60 kg.

Type Power (kW) Sauna size (m³)
1051 10.5 kW 9.0-15.0 m³
1201 12.0 kW 10.0-18.0 m³
1501 15.0 kW 14.0-24.0 m³