Máy xông khô / máy Sauna Model Seidankivi

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Soapstoned covered Octa heater, named as Helo Seidankivi, represents the state-of-art technology and design for the most exclusive commercial or club saunas. The stylish soap stone cover not only make the heater attractive to look but also gives superb heat for the sauna room. The temperature is more even and the steam is full and moist.

Control system modern, digital Digi I or Digi II with separate contactor box. Size 810x610x610mm (hxwxd), check safety distances in the manual. Recommended amount of rocks 60kg.

Type Power (kW) Sauna size (m³)
90 9.0 kW 6.0-13.0 m³
105 10.5 kW 9.0-15.0 m³
120 12.0 kW 10.0-18.0 m³
150 15.0 kW 14.0-24.0 m³