Máy sauna, máy xông khô Model Cava

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Helo Cava combines exclusive materials with modern design, and offers excellent bathing atmosphere. Together with vulcanite stones (ca. 30 kgs) , the heat restoring soap stone surfaces give unforgettable smooth, moist sauna bath. Heat radiation, not only upwards from the heater, but also to the front, give an even temperature in your sauna.

Four different control options are easy to use and simple to install with low voltage cord. Colour brushed steel. Size 830x490x230 mm (hxwxd), check safety distances in the manual. Recommended amount of rocks 30 + 15 kg.



Type Power (kW) Sauna size (m³)
6 DE 6.0 kW 6.0-10.0 m³
9 DE 9.0 kW 9.0-13.0 m³