Máy sauna Model Steamy V

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Steamy V

Helo Steamy V provides you with humid, soft sauna bath or dry, hot sauna bath, depending what kind of a sauna bath you wish to have. The traditional heater with a massive stone compartment and the conveniently located steam unit in the front of the heater will give you all the possibilities to combine humidity and warmth. Digital control panel , Helo OT 2 PLD, will monitor the set temperature and provide the humidity you have asked for. Water tank 4 litres (for 2,5 hour´s bathing), available in manual (MD) water filling system.

Colour chrome. Size 615x430x375mm (hxwxd), check safety distances in the manual. Recommended amount of rocks 25 kg.


Type Power (kW) Sauna size (m³)
60 6.0 kW 5.0-9.0 m³
80 8.0 kW 8.0-12.0 m³
90 9.0 kW 9.0-13.0 m³