Bảng điều khiển máy xông khô Helo OT 2 PS - 1/-3

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Helo OT 2 PS - 1/-3

Helo OT 2 PS - 1 (230V1N~) and OT 2 PS - 3 (400V3N~) are traditional sauna heater controls used with D- type sauna heaters (SKSM D, Plus D, SKSO D) , 3.0-9.0 kW. Functions are temperature adjustment, preset time and heating time control ( A+B scale gives the possibility to choose the preset and heating time either 8 hours + 4 hours or 12 hours heating time) and light switch. OT 2 PS -1/-3 is installed outside the sauna room, IP X4. Size 220x250x80 mm (hxwxd).