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Sauna rooms

Helo´s saunas are made of first class wood materials like traditional Nordic Spruce and knotfree Pine and also of modern wood materials like Alder and Aspen. The quality shows through with individually selected and hand-finished wood, precision finished doors and windows, extensive use of glass, curves and angles. Helo´s stunning and unique designs enhance your home and clearly show you have chosen the best.

The models come in numerous standard sizes. Additionally, we manufacture custom made saunas to the meet with the special need of the client.

Sauna for Outdoors
For an experience that is as nothing else true to sauna heritage, Helo offers the ultimate sauna for outdoors. Enjoy the special, soft heat as it radiates off the solid walls, enveloping you in comfort. Outdoors, in the free nature - a sauna by the lake, the silence of nature and a gentle whisper of the summer wind are what constitute a Finnish paradise on Earth.

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