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Helo Sauna

The Helo prefabricated kits include everything you need. Everythinghas been made by Finnish craftsmen using high quality, durable, and sustainably resourced materials. A Helo sauna cabin will give you the real sauna experience for years and years. These cabins are competitively priced and can turn your large bathroom, basement, garage or any other indoor space into a fun place for the whole family to relax in and recover from the stress of modern life.

Easy to assemble
Helo Sauna cabin kits are easy to assemble - two people who can handle a hammer and a drill can put one up in a short day. Everything is pre-cut and ready to assemble, except for some easily sawn trims. The cabin can be built from the inside, so that it can be assembled even inside a tight space just a few centimeters larger than the cabin. There are pre-assembled tubes for electrical wiring.

A range of cabins
The kits come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The size you choose will be determined by the space available, and the number of people who will use the sauna at the same time. You choose your heater according to the volume of the sauna, and the type of sauna experience you wish, from dry to steamy. Your dealer can help you choose the right cabin and the right heater.

Cabin Fittings
Helo sauna cabins can be equipped with solid, windowed or glass doors. Larger models can include a window in the wall, next to the door. Every cabin kit includes a wooden heater guard and special heat-absorbing wood back rests for comfort and safety. Helo also has every accessory that you might need to personalize your new sauna, right down to wooden buckets and towels.

Sustainably resourced timbers are used for the construction of the sauna wall and ceiling modules, and all surfaces and seating elements. The wood surface material options are Nordic Spruce, Black Alder, Aspen and heat-treated Aspen. All of these traditional materials have been tried and tested over centuries as the most durable, comfortable and safe, as well as pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul.

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